Arièle Rozowy

Arièle Rozowy.JPG

“Arièle Rozowy's graphic works bring together a whole section of art history, from geometric abstraction to op art or kinetic art. The artist has a very personal way of appealing to movement, color and light at the heart of his works.

Effects of weightlessness, games of subtle perspectives, elusive shadows, changing auras: Arièle Rozowy introduces a form of moving and unstable magic and plays on our perception in a surprising way with regard to the simplicity of the plastic process.

His “Elusive circles” invite us to discover a work that cannot be apprehended at first glance, never quite the same depending on the time of day and the light of time.

For the "Beyond bars", with the stripe motif, Rozowy is experimenting with the possibilities of installing on several levels these colored bars which seem to denounce the golden prison of modern women, a priori free but whose creativity is often contained by social constraints or the canons of beauty.

A work certainly cheerful and colorful, but animated by a beautiful depth, literally and figuratively!

Arièle Rozowy's work is present in numerous galleries, private collections and within the collection of the Benetton Foundation. ”