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Jimmy Alcala Casado dit Asu ([assou] who comes from Ojibwé Asubakatchin and which means dream-catcher) was born in 1990 in Châteauroux. This Franco-Spanish artist invites us on an almost metaphysical journey of initiation where subtle energies, parallel worlds and inner peace are recurring themes.


He began calligraphy at the age of 20, after several years of study in art school. For almost 5 years, the artist isolated himself to work the ancestral art of calligraphy on all tones, to offer us, at the beginning of 2015, a work overflowing with internal energy, which allowed him to start a collaboration with the L'Appartement gallery in Marseille.


Since then, the artist has been invited to participate in numerous street art festivals, artistic residences and other projects, his artistic practice being at the heart of his travels. Asu has produced frescoes in many countries including Germany, Spain, France, Albania, Turkey and Portugal.