Céline de la Chapelle


Installed in Provence for 19 years, and after a chosen professional turn, Céline reinvented herself in sculpture. Traditional clay and drawing lessons allowed him to understand volume and 3D. However, she has abandoned conventional materials to divert a material and sculpt ... the sheathed electric wire.


Unlike many artists who work with other wires (iron, copper, brass), she innovates and diverts this wired world ... "conductor"! From the animal world to human expression, it takes you on a journey through color and forms into a "New World".


In the staging and production of her sculptures, she explores the world of Art and Design. His sculptures are produced naturally from threads of different colors or rounded with paint (the chromatic range is then more extensive).


She only works from photos, without molds or external supports that is the whole point of her work: giving volume to a model taken from her imagination or lying on glossy paper. His light and aerial sculptures move as you wish and live with your daily life.