Goulwen “Leyto" Mahé, born in 1980 in Saint-Brieuc comes from the Breton graffiti scene of the late 90s. He spreads his creations on canvas as well as on the walls of streets, brownfields, abandoned factories and other media crossing its path.


Passionate about the tag and the work of Pollock, Leyto develops a painting based on writing and more generally on the sign creating meaning. Associating various symbols, calligraphy, glyphs and other signs with a musical rhythm, he seeks to transcribe his emotions by an instinctive and nervous trait, coming directly from the vandal art, assiduously practiced. A nomadic spirit, the different cultures of the countries he crosses or in which he lives are also a constant source of inspiration.


From abstract and calligraphic canvases to large murals, Leyto invites us to enter an expressionist universe where color is at the service of a line that writes as much as it draws.

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