Luvi art


37-year-old Stéphanois practicing unusual upholstery, in fact in partnership with other artists he prints their canvases in order to highlight them by his woodwork which sets him apart making his work unique and atypical.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The armchairs are all completely bare and refurbished in a semi-traditional way concerning the tapestry. As for the woodwork, they are all sanded, painted with patina and varnish, sometimes with more than 10 successive coats with a dripping and stripping stencil technique (wipers on the edges). He likes to put heart in works and is sensitive to recycling in his productions.


The Goldo Pegaz is a partnership with Pegaz model of Louis Philippe style armchair.

The Napoleon 3 Medallion from 1870 in partnership with Murciano model Aquaman.

All armchairs are signed and delivered with certificates from reciprocal artists.