Marie KVK

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Marie KVK is an international artist born in Minneapolis in 1980. She began her painter career in New York City in 2004 after completing a BFA High Honors in Minneapolis and Madrid in 2002.


The artist crossed the globe and worked for long periods in the urban environments of New York (2004-2009), Paris (2009-2010) and London (2010-2014) using various materials (including paint to oil, acrylic paint, airbrush, spray paint, neon lights, laser stencils, photographic collages, epoxies and resins). Since 2014, his workshop, Atelier Marie KVK, is currently located in Provence, France.


Marie KVK's paintings relate to “grouping together to reveal”. The PIXELS series reveals powerful female characters, who are historical icons. They reveal the smallest possible element and the suggestion of a deeper discovery.