Muriel Matt

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Self-taught artist born in 1976, she lives in Nantes.

Through her works, deeply inscribed in the world of childhood, she endorses the motto "Painting the soul, embracing life". The artist invites us to cultivate our inner child, the one who welcomes existence with wide eyes, to better marvel and be surprised.


To the presence of naive graphics, animated by an explosion of colors, is added the relief which comes to give life to the characters by coming to underline their expressions. United by a strong stylistic kinship, his canvases nevertheless display an important diversity where this shimmering harmony, powerfully evocative, always throbs.

She exhibits at Galerie Joël GUYOT - 06570 Saint-Paul de Vence, at Galerie JULIA - 29930 Pont-Aven - IXIART Gallery - 31000 Toulouse, at Galerie des Artistes - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at Galerie BO - 63000 Clermont- Ferrand, at the ANNOTIAU Gallery - 12000 Rodez, at the CREALISA Gallery - 34120 Pezenas