Olivier Vincent

Olivier Vincent.jpg

Olivier is a self-taught French artist born in 1970 in Seoul. He works and lives in France in the Rhône Alpes region. Olivier Vincent has a particular talent, a great sensitivity combined with a deep humor. Inspired by the greatest contemporary artists (Keith Haring, Ron Arad, ..), Olivier knows how to add to his creations an originality linked to the mastery of his technique which makes him a talented artist.


Olivier searches in forms and materials, the pleasure of the senses: It nourishes the eyes, excites the touch. Its forms are sensual to the extreme, its colors a palette of visual flavors. Artist or magician, he brings back very buried emotions in our subconscious, this quest for happiness, which we sometimes judge childish in our dehumanized world. His shadows are anonymous and fraternal living beings, united for a game.


In 2006, Olivier began to create his series of "Shadows" on large aluminum panels. The shadows entwine, merge, play with the spectator. The bright colors and the effects of relief and material give life to a joyful farandole of ephemeral forms. Attracted, fascinated, the eye seeks a landmark, a direction for this variegated fantasia. Rest of the soul, awakening of the senses, each work by Olivier appeals to the sensitivity and sensuality of each of us.