Paul Picka

Paul Picka Photo.jpg

Paul Picka is a painter and sculptor, he mixes the two disciplines, using all the techniques that the contemporary world can offer to express the images and forms that live deep in his soul. He creates a dialogue between the interior and the exterior of the being, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, his favorite theme is henceforth interstellar space, the representation of cosmic forms whether dense or ethereal.


When asked about this immensity, he answers: "why settle for a sunset when you can sublimate the beauty of a galaxy". Paul Picka does not recognize himself in classical painting, which is too dogmatic, or in contemporary creation, often cold and obscure. Picka is an OPNI, an Unidentified Pictorial Object, it is not domesticable, it is unclassifiable. Rather, it is a raw energy wave, a colorful volcanic eruption. Yet everything is painting in Picka's work, matter as the basis and outcome, in all its forms, by the multiplication of different materials, the rendering of textures, colors, depth which is no longer the consequence of a any illusionist perspective but which results from physical superposition. Picka is the mastery of the gesture as much as spontaneity, the know-how and the know-how to undo.