Ralau photo.jpg

Passionate about fiction, as a child, the self-taught painter Ralau, develops and sketches his imagination and unconsciously devotes himself to whimsical drawings. Her style developing over the years, notably thanks to the nature that fascinates her, her curiosity for everything pushes her to stage her personal mythology filled with symbolism and metaphors of plants, animals, anatomies ...


A visceral energy supported by a strong and punchy chromatic range, emanates from its daring contrasting compositions. Ralau, realizes the funds of his productions in acrylic painting, and then gives birth, in a real letting go, to totally delirious forms, acidly expressive.


His work exalts life, where the notions of complementarity, opposition and fusion are strongly present, enough to find oneself totally amazed in front of this chimerical mode, in perpetual movement, constantly evolving from paint to paint!