The multiplicity of the world, this is what animates, what drives Zed to create. Born in 1976 in Mulhouse, this self-taught sculptor has been polishing his practice since the age of twelve, working with various materials. As a child on the beach, he discovered the potential of sand; more mature, living in the Antilles, he sticks to the tradition of wood. Since 2010, the full-time artist has embarked on the exploration of his favorite material: acrylic glass.

He then designed his most famous work, the Flexo: a neutral character, with a unique silhouette, wanting to support his research on attitudes and movement. Zed indeed believes "that it is possible to transcribe all the emotions, to say everything, just through a gesture". Through its varied postures, the Flexo embodies its desire to grasp the multiple, of the gesture in its fluidity: "In turn in love, contemplator, daring or insolent, each Flexo is a reflection of us".

Impossible to mold industrially, each of its "cool", "audacious", "active", "desperate" attitudes of Flexo, is acquired by hand thermoforming. Following the same principle, the artist then develops his "Cleb'art" Roxo and Woopy, posing "sitting", "without restraint" or "on the lookout".